SOVIO, the newest brand of Pehart Group, over 8 million euros investment in sustainability

SOVIO, Pehart Group’s newest Away from Home (AfH) brand launched at the end of last year for the B2B segment, is a sustainable solution, in which the company has invested over 8 million euros. Part of Pehart Group’s portfolio, leader in the production and processing of household paper products in Romania and one of the largest tissue paper companies in Southeastern Europe, the 18 types of products under the AfH SOVIO brand (large paper rolls for consumers in the economic area, paper towel rolls with central scrolling, paper rolls for the medical area, cosmetic offices, restaurant napkins etc.) offer the same high standards of sustainability as the other brands of the Romanian manufacturer (the popular Pufina, Altessa and Alint) including in terms of production process.

The machines that manufacture tissue paper, the raw material for products, have undergone a refurbishment process in the last two years to increase their energy efficiency. Thus, the company that owns the oldest paper factory in Romania, in Sebeş, but also a production facility in Cluj, managed to diversify its product portfolio and at the same time to have an optimized energy consumption. Thus, energy consumption has been reduced by 20% for each machine, while the percentage reaches 10% at company level.

Dsetined to serve a significant number of industries – from HoReCa, food and retail, to Health, Education, beauty salons, oil industry, public institutions or offices – SOVIO products are made from cellulose purchased from responsibly managed forests, based on ecological practices.

“SOVIO products are based on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cellulose. In fact, Pehart Grup obtained the Chain of Custody and Control Wood Certificate, with the license code: FSC-C134427. Our products are made from a fibrous mixture of resinous, deciduous and eucalyptus cellulose, without any added recycled material or mechanical fibers. They have ISO 14001:2015 certification, which helps us achieve our environmental goals. Thus, we manage to have a premium quality production and, at the same time, to protect the environment by observing rigorous procedures for managing waste, wastewater and air emissions. In addition, all SOVIO products are manufactured in Romania, supporting local communities and reducing transport costs to customers”, says Ovidiu Hoza, National & Export Sales Manager of Pehart Group and manager of the AfH division.

Increasing the energy performance of production capacities is one of the priority objectives for 2024. In fact, only last year Pehart Group made investments of over EUR 20 million to diversify the portfolio, increase export capacity and energy efficiency of production lines. “Strengthening the position on the national market and identifying opportunities to expand into new markets are other objectives for the current year”, Ovidiu Hoza also says.

The company that owns the oldest paper factory in Romania, with a history of 187 years, Pehart Group is present on 18 European markets. As for the domestic market, with a production of 100,000 tons of tissue paper and a processing capacity of finished products amounting to over 75,000 tons, Pehart Grup provides almost half of the necessary paper products on the national market in its two factories in Petresti-Sebeș and Dej. 35% of the total production is currently exported, and the rest is sold in Romania.